Jedinstveno sigurnosno rješenje za vaš bicikl

Bicikl koji pripada vašem svakodnevnom životnom stilu od sada je u potpunosti siguran. Vaš strah od krađe, vandalizma, oštećenja ili vremenskih nepogoda dok je vaš bicikl na javnim površinama trajno je rješio novi bike2lockTM.

01 Why2lock

Bike2LockTM was born as an answer to market needs for appropriated solution for bike theft problem; it’s not only the security solution that stops bike theft but also fully secures all bicycle parts (frame, wheels, steering wheel and seat), while at the same time it also provides you with all necessary details regarding traffic, bicycle paths and tourist information through our state of art Public information and interactive system. The system is fully energy independent because it is solar powered and has autonomy for 10 days. Whole system is additionally secured with video surveillance.

Main features of Bike2 LockTM system are: safety and simplicity; personalized software solutions; adjustable and attractive design; additional protection system and illumination.

Bike2LockTM is connected to users over mobile app or web page. It’s easy to register and enjoy not only when using Bike2LockTM system but also when visiting our partner shops, cafes, city sights…

What do you get is you choose Bike2LockTM system (for investors):

  • Increased overall satisfaction of cyclists in the City
  • Better feel of security for the cyclists
  • Number of stolen and damaged bicycles is reduced
  • Improvement of cycling infrastructure
  • New communication platform for all users, visitors and tourist
  • Investment return for each location within 2 years (only from rental)
  • Investment return for each location within a year (including advertising space)

02 how we made BIKE2LOCK