Target market, size and goals

 We have divided targeted markets and sizes in few fazes. This fazes are also following product development, the growth of our company’s capacity.

  • Phase I. will last for one year starting with May 2017. and will last for one year. During this time we are planning to finish testing of the product in the real external conditions. After we finish the testing the implementation of the product is planned in City of Zagreb and also few cities in Croatia (Koprivnica, Varaždin, Velika Gorica)
  • Phase II. Starts on May 2018. and will last next 2 years until May 2020. In this phase our product will be available not only in region but also around the world. In this phase we will be oriented in product improvements and product for franchising.
  • Phase III. is a main goal for us, our product is available worldwide and our franchise is first and the best in public bike locking systems.


  • Increased overall satisfaction of cyclists in the City
  • Better feel of security for the cyclists
  • Number of stolen and damaged bicycles is reduced
  • Maximum use of Bike2Lock system (90% occupation during the day)
  • Improvement of cycling infrastructure
  • New communication platform for all users, visitors and tourist
  • Investment return for each location within 2 years (only from rental)
  • Investment return for each location within a year (including advertising space)

bike2lock - city 1

  • Coming soon - 6/6
    Coming soon - 1/6
    Coming soon - 1/6