Techincal specifications 

Bike2Lock automatic billing machine 

  • Housing - Metal powder coated, power supply, ventilation. Outdoor design.
  • Primary module: PC-controller with memory, display, keyboard, coupon printer; RFID reader and barcode card; two screens: LCD 2 x 16 characters for the transactions and 17 "touch screen as an additional screen.
  • Basic module for the payments: device for payment with coins
  • Additional module for the payments: device for payment with banknotes and coins
  • Solar system: Gel battery panel, charge controller - operating autonomy 10 days
  • Public information and interactive system: City info, interactive plan of bicycle paths, map of bike2lock locations, selfiespot, webcams.

Bike2Lock storage

Bike2Lock storage construction consists of: steel frame tube 30x30 and brass trim 2mm.

External parts of the storage are built on the marked spots with fibro fabric mesh 40x40

The lower part of the storage is open with the guide for bike wheels. The whole structure is hot galvanized and painted optionally.

Bike2Lock storage doors are made of aluminum and can move up and down with two shock absorbers without any problems.

Electronic lock is built in the door of bike2lock storage and it’s unlocked with 12V pulse from the automatic billing machine.

One bike2lock parking space with 6 storages occupies an area of 2 m width and 4.8 m in length, which is less than the dimensions of one parking space for the car.

Public information and interactive system

The main part of public information and interactive system is 17 " screen that is built in Bike2Lock automatic billing machine.

Multifunctional system enables all relevant information’s not only to Bike2Lock users but also to all visitor and tourists. They can get all information about the City, all tourist information, information about bicycle routes and bicycle infrastructure, weather information…

  • Tourist information

    Information system provides to users and visitors all the information about the City sights (museums, parks, concert halls ...) also information about nearby and popular events (festivals, concerts, sports). The information system will also provide them with all information about types of public transport, prices and routes, and visitors will be able to take a photo as a souvenir via our webcam and to send it to their email.

  • Cycling information

    Here are all information important for cyclists such as: map of bicycle paths in the City, all cycling infrastructure (landing, parking for the bikes, bike2lock stations, service stations ...)

  • Other information

    Weather forecast, map of bike friendly locations that offer special conditions and discounts for users of Bike2Lock system (restaurants, shops, bars, hotels, hostels) 

bike2lock - city 1

  • Coming soon - 6/6
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    Coming soon - 1/6