The problem that we are attempting to solve:

A great number of countries have a culture of bike riding, they have a numerous bike paths and cyclists are considered to be equal participants in traffic.  Because of this the popularity of cycling in Europe is increasing rapidly and this form of transportation is additional solution for many issues such as: urban development, environmental protection, improvement of human health, coexistence with nature and of course financial savings for citizens.

Because of that it’s not surprising that a bicycle is a popular mean of transport in many European countries such as Scandinavia, Benelux countries and Germany (over 80% of the citizens of these countries have a bike). Also there is a significant increase in the use of bicycles as a recreation or a mean of transport in all other west European countries.

Because of the increased use of bicycles all European cities are faced with the problem of theft or bike damages due to theft attempt. 

The Netherlands, a relatively small country, records around 700,000 stolen bicycles in a year. On average, only one in three thefts is reported. China is famous not only for the number of riders, but also for its widespread bicycle theft. About 4 million bicycles are reported missing every year, according to the Ministry of Public Security. Disturbing numbers of stolen bikes per year are recorded also in countries like Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Norway and Spain

Stolen bicycles are sold in one piece or in pieces, to cover thieves’ tracks. And a result of this is a permanent damage to the owners that can go up to 5.000,00 € for some models of bicycles

On the market currently there is no permanent solution for this problem and there is no locking system that would eliminate the possibility of theft and that would fully secured bike while it is in public areas.

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